#MoveInMiami giving day communications timeline

Week of Aug. 1

  • Announce #MoveInMiami on social media! Tag your former classmates, roommates and friends to encourage them to save the date for Aug. 22.
  • Become a social media Mbassador (check the box to be a #MoveInMiami volunteer) and encourage your friends to become one too. Sign up at MiamiAlum.org/M.

Week of Aug. 12

Aug. 19-22

  • Participate in our Instagram and Twitter photo challenge through Mbassadors.
    1. Download this sign and complete the prompt:
      The piece Miami gave me ________________ and that’s why I give back!
    2. Take a selfie and post it on Instagram or Twitter with #MoveInMiami and @MiamiAlum between Aug. 19 and Aug. 22.
    3. Earn points! When you participate in the Instagram and Twitter challenge, you earn 500 points per post.

Aug. 22

  • Post throughout the day and tag your friends to remind them to #MoveInMiami.

Aug. 23

  • Share results and our thank-you video. Be sure to check our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to see the video and results.